Uroš Tošković – Mystification With A Reason

From April 29 to May 23, 2024.

From early childhood, Uroš Tošković was exposed to the horrors of war and great poverty, which affected his life and creativity. He became interested in art early on, drawing dead soldiers and horses that he saw in his surroundings. These tragic scenes of suffering are deeply engraved poetically in his works, close to the aesthetics of art brut. In his turbulent life, Montenegro, Belgrade, Paris, America, Belgrade, with the final circle in Montenegro are toponyms that represent various phases of Tošković, a melancholic, whose art refers to agony, illness, cry, poverty, tragedy of the individual. His heretical conviction towards the weaknesses of the bourgeois lifestyle, whose conformity he understood as a loss of freedom in forms without substance, is also strong. Tošković’s unconventional lifestyle created myths and legends; the painter’s phenomena are originality and truth in resistance to established ways of commercializing art. The expression of drawing orthography, lines, forms, colors in the system are artistic traditions in which Tošković created his work. His works are in many museum and private collections in the country and the world.
Many works are believed to have been lost in the many moves and turmoil of daily existence and maladjustment. During seven decades of creativity, he exhibited at about 50 individual and as many group presentations in national and international frameworks.

The occasion for this exhibition is a book, a capital edition dedicated to the oeuvre of Uroš Tošković; author Bojan Krljić devoted his collecting passion to this hypersensitive and rebellious personality, painter of human destiny and master of the magic of drawing. The promotion of the book will take place during the exhibition.

Uroš Tošković (1932-2019), graduated from the High School of Art in Herceg Novi in ​​1952, and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1957. Since 1957, he has been in Paris as a scholarship holder of the French Government, where he graduated from the School of Fine Arts. He stayed in Paris until 1977, where he had several solo and group exhibitions. In 1960 and 2011, he independently exhibited works from the collection of Bojan Krljić at the Graphic Collective. He traveled to America twice, in 1967 to New York, and in 1969 to Los Angeles. From 1977 to 1996, he lived and created in Belgrade. In 1996, he left for Montenegro, where he stayed for the rest of his life.

The exhibition is part of the “Tradition for the Future” cycle, which focuses on significant creative personalities who marked the history of the Graphic Collective during the past 75 years, as well as national culture, with their creative work.

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