Post Print

According to the concept of the young art historian Mirko Kokir, the Post Print exhibition presents the works of eight female authors and one author of the youngest generation from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, who in their artistic practices question the conceptual assumptions of graphic art. In their work, they experiment with the technical, formal and conceptual aspects of this medium.

In the spirit of new artistic practice and experimentation typical in the field of expanded media, graphic artists also explore in different ways the relationships of the graphic print and its separation from the wall, going out into space and using space as one of the factors of work; in this context, the shift of standard graphic work towards installation and/or object is obvious. There is also experimentation with the matrix and the understanding of the matrix as a participant in the visual presentation of the work, which is equal to the print. All these changes in the very aesthetic, conceptual and manual process represent some of the basic problem points in the works of the participants selected for this presentation. A change in opinion and a new problematization of the medium of graphics resulted in works that can be viewed within the framework of the term post print, placing graphics in new intermediate forms. The exhibition provides a possible curatorial overview of the current trends in art graphics among the youngest generation of the Graphics Department of this Belgrade Art Faculty, within the framework of the contemporary art production system.

Artists: Nastasja Kofileska, Radmila Korać, Marija Kuruzović, Sonja Lundin, Danilo Paunović, Anja Petrović, Lana Katić, Katarina Rakić, Nevena Stojinov.

The exhibition is organized as part of the celebration of the 75th birthday of the Graphic Collective and is part of the “Tradition for the Future” series.


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