Diary of Changes

72. May exhibition of graphics

From May 27 to June 22, 2024.

This year, the graphic collective celebrates 75 years of activity on the contemporary art scene. The professional identity of this unique institution in the national culture requires insight into the vitality of the criteria and crucial ideas created over the decades. The 72nd edition of the May Print Exhibition, the oldest project of the Graphic Collective, in its long practice marks the artistic, leadership and historical role of the institution in the light of this medium. “Diary of Changes”, the indicative title of the exhibition dedicated to graphic art, indicates that these annual reviews refer to a paradigm shift, providing an insight into the latest/latest trends in graphic art of the young and the youngest, but also traces the genesis of already established authors. This kind of “Diary of Changes” is marked by works of large dimensions (2x2m) as well as research projects of matrix printing (standard or digital) on different substrates (clearite, metal, fabric). Interest in the graphic medium is also illustrated by the figures from this Competition: 229 authors participated, and the Selection Committee selected the works of 130 of them.

The graphic collective realized its ten-year birthdays as celebrations of a working nature, sublimating the artistic, cultural, moral and material heritage structured into a visible cultural event. We are doing this with this year’s programs, historical markers and prominent authors who have shaped the history of the Graphic Collective as well as national culture; selections from the works of Slobodan Mašić, Ljubomir Kokotović and Uroš Tošković, part of the “Tradition for the Future” program, was realized in the first half of this year.

The jury for the Great Seal 2024 award: Ivana Flegar, printmaker, Dragana Palavestra, art historian and Branimir Karanović, printmaker, met on Monday, May 27 at 10 a.m. After a careful review of the 72nd May Exhibition of Prints, with 130 exhibitors, the members of the jury judged the exhibition to be very successful.



Jury reasoning

Olivera Basta Šipka was unanimously awarded the 61st Great Seal Award in 2024 for the linocut Full Moon, created in 2023.

Olivera Basta Šipka has been present on the art scene of Republika Srpska, Serbia and the region for the second decade, and with her continuous work she has built a convincing artistic expression. She finds creative impulses in natural forms, which she carefully selects and transforms into stylized graphic signs. In their fragmentary nature, it is possible to read universal themes of identity, fertility and other basic life processes. In the work of Olivera Basta, the research process with handmade paper that she creates herself and which becomes a unique matrix of a graphic print is significant. It is this creative process that gives a special materialization, tone and sensibility typical for her graphic creations.

Educated at the Academy in Banja Luka, Olivera Basta Šipka achieved a rich artistic practice. Among other things, she exhibited independently at the Graphic Collective in 2012 and 2017, and in 2020 she became the laureate of our Little Seal award. With today’s award, Oliver Bast becomes the 61st member of the great fraternity of laureates of the Great Seal, confirming his own artistic integrity.


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